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Piggybacks: A Legal Primer, Page 1

Comic #65

We present this month's comic as a public service- because we at Planet Saturday believe you should Know Your Rights. I used to carry the child downstairs to breakfast every morning- she'd have been three, I think, when I started doing that regularly. One hates to abandon these traditions, but her size and my confidence in my knees first thing in the morning are going in opposite directions. Our hearts are still in it, but it's hard to really snuggle while you're performing a sort of teetery fireman's carry and trying not to fall down the steps, and it just doesn't have the feeling of magical intimacy that it had a few short years ago. Anyway, the last page of this month's comic is only PARTLY taken from life. The child really did do that- but she didn't get chewed out for it. I gave her a break, because I knew she'd just given me a comic.

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