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Disposal, Page 1

Comic #44

Some thoughts about mealtime, this month... The child no longer requires us to cut the crusts off her bread. However, she still declines to actually EAT the crusts- she just eats around them, and we get them back in a pile at the end of the meal. Pizza crusts get the same treatment. And when we order take-out Pad Thai, she wolfs the noodles, but meticulously scrapes the green onions off to one side of the plate... and so on. This isn't to say that we're not members of the Clean Plate Club in our family- perish the thought! However, it must be recognized that some foods include a component which is unacceptable, and can only be returned with regrets at the conclusion of the meal. But what to do with the portion which your child simply will not eat? You can just scrape it into the garbage; however, wasting food is a sin, so this choice will see you doing some fast talking at the pearly gates at some point down the road. You can put it in the frig, let it get some fuzz on it, and THEN throw it away; but you're not fooling anybody- we all know this really amounts to the same thing as the first option. The REAL Heads-of-Households among us- the people who Wear The Pants- know that the decent thing to do is to man up and eat it yourself. Come on- weren't you just telling your kid that it's only a few bites, and it'd be good for her? Here comes the choo-choo...

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