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Tick!, Page 1

Comic #4

This one's about a phase the little girl went through (and boy, you know you're getting old when YOU'RE the one saying the 'it's just a phase you're going through') during which all she wanted to do was collect sticks. We tried to explain that the whole world was covered with sticks; that, while they're not all the same, most of them are suitable for whatever you might need a stick for; and that it's therefore not really necessary to bring your favorite ones home from the park. She didn't see it that way. Of course it wasn't about the sticks so much as it was an investigation of ownership: can I keep this? HOW do I keep it? What happens to it if I stop keeping it? What happens to ME if I want it, but I can't get it back? It's interesting stuff, admittedly, but after a while all the sticks start to get on your nerves.

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