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The Year 2034!

Comic #167

When I was a kid, if somebody on television said, "The Year Two Thousand!" in an echoey voice, it meant you were about to see a picture of a domed city on the moon, or people flying around with jetpacks, or All Manual Labor Now Being Done By Robots!, or something cool like that. Promises were made, and they didn't all pan out, and it's possible to take the cynical view that the present is not as much fun as it was, back when it was The Future. Consider, though, that in the science fiction of the nineteen-fifties, The Year Two Thousand is exactly like the nineteen-fifties, only with jetpacks. That is to say that not too many decades ago, shrinking rays, giant ants, and flying saucers were easier to imagine than an African-American President, or legal gay marriages, or this Internet thing. So The Future turns out not to have been so bad after all. The really hopeful note is that there's a kid living in my house who is too young to remember The Year Two Thousand. The People of the Future walk among us...

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