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Music Hath Charms, Page 1

Comic #149

As a dad, it is inevitable that you will hear, in passing, the latest tween anthem playing in your daughter's room. The song is about how you never cried so hard as when your boyfriend broke up with you after math class, and then you saw him with that girl who chews gum, even though he promised he would always be true-ee-ooh. It's a song that is not for you--not made for you, not marketed at you. You are Outside The Intended Demographic. And not just outside it standing on the front step, ringing the doorbell and about to be let in, either. As far as the world of that song is concerned you are outside the orbit of Pluto, your existence barely detectable even with the most sophisticated instruments. Nevertheless, unavoidably, you will hear the song. And the part we don't talk about is this: eventually, in an unguarded moment, you will catch yourself SINGING the song. Just quietly to yourself. And when you realize what you're doing, after the initial flash of outrage or embarrassment has passed and you're satisfied that nobody heard you, you'll think, "What the heck... it's kinda catchy," and continue singing. Are you finally separated, in that moment, from your last claim to hipness? Has your tree, in that moment, shed its last green leaf? NO. In that moment YOU ARE A DAD. On the occasion of Father's Day, June 21, 2009, we salute you.

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