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Bigfoot, Page 1

Comic #134

Planet Saturday rings in the holiday with a story on a traditional Yuletide theme--Bigfoot! What is Santa Claus, after all, but a hairy guy who lives out in the wilderness? Right? And is seldom seen? Am I right? ...Okay, so maybe we haven't really got a handle on this whole 'holiday theme' thing yet. A few words about Bigfoot: it's important to be skeptical of the things one reads about sasquatches, lake monsters, saucer men, spoon bending, and a variety of other phenomena of dubious pedigree. However--I think it's also important to recognize that what we believe is going on in the world, and what is ACTUALLY going on, are probably two completely different things. Conventional wisdom, majority opinion, the prevailing currents of scientific thought, and the conclusions of Good Old-Fashioned Horse Sense have all proved to be completely wrong on many occasions, and I think it's a good idea to be skeptical of the skeptics once in a while, just to maintain a balanced view. In other words, while I don't particularly believe that there is any such thing as Bigfoot, I believe very much in the POSSIBILITY of such things. That being said--let's take a moment to consider the state of the art in Image Capturing Technology, shall we? License plate numbers are clearly visible in photos taken by satellites in space. You probably own a phone that can be used to make a movie with higher production values than most 1970s TV shows. Cameras offer image stabilization and automatic red-eye removal, and pretty soon they'll be doubling as GPS locators, .mp3 players, and hot-air popcorn poppers. What this all means, in short, is that nobody wants to see your blurry picture of something weird you saw in the woods. It's just not that hard to take a good picture anymore. So if the eighth cryptozoological wonder of the world walks up to you in broad daylight and shakes your hand, but your photos of the event all turn out blurry for some unfathomable reason, it's probably best to just keep it to yourself.

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